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A healthy mouth is a wondrous possession, and Comprehensive Dental Center LLC Dr. Niobe Joseph, DDS would like to help you keep yours. We offer a wide variety of solutions for a wide variety of issues. We’re the dentist people love to visit. Whatever the case may be, we’re on it.

• Root Canals—You’d never believe how low-stress we can make a root canal. There’s never cause for concern; you’ll be treated like the member of the family that you are. Our procedures are efficient, effective and as easy as we can make them.

• Cleanings—No one should put off a visit to the dentist, or a professional cleaning session, and after you’ve experienced one of ours you’ll never want to procrastinate again. A good cleaning removes build-up that could lead to gum disease or cavities, and leaves your teeth brighter than ever.

• Whitening—A dazzling smile is possible for everyone, and we’ll prove it to anyone who asks. A teeth-whitening treatment is simple and the results have to be seen to be believed. Get a boost of self-confidence and the pearliest whites in New Orleans.

• Bonding—When a veneer or a crown is unnecessary, bonding can repair small flaws in a tooth. Bound teeth look good as new, and the procedure should result in a permanent fix.

• Crown and Bridge Work—When the job’s a big one, we truly shine. If you need crown or bridge work, come to us first.

• Veneers—Dental veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. Their application requires precision work, and that’s something that we do well here.

A trip to the dentist is usually thought of as a harrowing experience, but New Orleans has discovered that that doesn’t have to be the case. Whatever the work that needs to be done, we’re the ones to do it. Schedule your appointment today!

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